Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a-hero-with-no-identity versus a-well-known-historical-hero

Name's Rango..

He wants to be a hero, but he has nothing to offer. He's not a muscle, tough guy (guy ke??ehehe..). his destiny changed when he arrived at the town called Dirt. Suddenly he became a hero. this movie is very entertaining, though some of the comedy are not understandable (ada ke perkataan ni?muahaha). you can picture johnny depp when u look at Rango. very similar meh, in terms of characters. hahaha

Nak full review pasal cerita ni, boleh tgk kat sini --> http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/review-rango

Sampai masa tibanya waktu,
Redup hati kamu berdua,
Bila dua jasad bersatu,
Hidup mati jadi bersama.

Malaysian should have recognize this hero. Although me myself had never read the hikayat. this is also very entertaining movie. CGI ok, still can improve. but the sound is not very good. it can be louder at one time, and suddenly it became slow. the fighting scene for me, not very eye-catching.. i felt dizzy when i see the fighting scene. not so "sharp" i think. but this is only my opinion. but overall, this was a very nice movie. for those parents who wants to bring their children to see this movie, think twice before you made a decision. because not all children can understand this type of movie. i spot some children who is watching the movie with us that day, they left the cinema quite early. maybe they're bored or maybe they have other things to do. i don't know. but this doesn't mean that you cannot bring children to see this movie. not every children love historical/epic movie. (^_^)

Kalau nak full review pasal filem ni, boleh baca kat sini ---> http://tontonfilem.blogspot.com/

hoh..gile ah.sila abaikan grammar yg merapu. my first attempt to write in english.muahaha. macam fail je..hahahaha.tapi, ada aku kesah????hehehehe

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@tune® said...

name pon hikayat...i duno whether it is true or not...

sue-ana said...

kalau ikut hikayat, burung garuda lawan dgn burung jentayu. tp dalam cerita ni dia ganti dgn puak lanun bernama garuda. kapal merong ni pulak namanya jentayu. nk lebihkan believability katanya..hhehehe. xtau mana yg betul. wallahualam.

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