Tuesday, July 07, 2009

tak baguss...

I never feared the unexpected
Till I found myself in this peculiar place
Unaware of where I was headed
Turns out it was your footsteps I had chased
Well I should know so much better than this
But you've occupied the center of my universe
I'm moving in reverse
Under your mighty curse
I hate myself for loving you
I turn my head away
But my heart will remain
Till the day I learn you're no good for me
It's illogical and it's outrageous
The way I let you keep me hanging on
Your character is that contagious
I know I should have thought before I had done
I've gone and let my impulse be my guide
And on that note, I'll be defenseless for some time
[repeat Chorus]
Hey you there, keep your distance
Don't you come around here
Don't test my patience baby
Cause I ain't gonna let you off easy
-kate voegele~no good~

p/s: sapa tgk one tree hill season 5 tau kot lagu nih.ah,aku mmg gile lyn lagu xbrp jiwang. ho ho

2 komen-komenan:

@tune® said...

ceh..cite budak remaja

sue-ana said...

aku rumaja lg per. ho ho

:: pengikut2 setia ::

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